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A professional change caused by taking on a new job and the corresponding consequences lead to a turning point in your professional career as well as your personal environment. Consequently, the job offer and the company will be described clearly and openly. We have the social competence as well as the required specialized knowledge in this line of business. This is the only way to offer you a description of the job and a professional career consultation.

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Together, we look for a new job for you. You are a qualified employee or a leader and want to or have to reorientate yourself professionally. You want to do something different alltogether professionally, but you don’t know what? You want to find a professional haven in Hamburg or Schleswig-Holstein and need support not only with finding a job but also with choosing an apartment or house for your family in the region? Your apprenticeship, education or studies draw to a close, where do you go from there? Let’s talk about it.


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