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The Personnel Consulting Wunderlich focusses on specialized and qualified employees and leaders in medium-sized businesses. We are located in Schleswig-Holstein just outside of Hamburg, Kiel and Denmark. Our background is the region, the knowledge of the economy and the passion to listen to people. Our main goal is to find suitable people for your company and, in the end, to fill you with enthusiasm.

You have any questions? Please contact us. We would like to make a consultation appointment with you.

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Is a focused search for your dream candidate in a defined line of business. The search is of course confidential. We would enjoy to give you detailed advice on this topic.

Classic Personnel Recruitment

After a briefing we start the process of the classic search for suitable personnel for your company. We take care of advertisement design and text, coordinate the media plan and the dates of publication. We look through documents, do interviews and create profiles which we present to you after a quality assurance. Together, all relevant hard and soft skills of the applicants will be discussed and a recommentation will be given.

Arriving in the North

If required we like to take care of the search for a new home in the north in consideration of the family circumstances of your candidates. We consider all of the relevant topics, so that you can present your candidate an all-inclusive package for their start in the north, if needed.